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The PECHOTI Method-Will CBD Oil In Your Navel Really Work?

Will CBD Oil In Your Navel Really Work? – Let’s Look at The PECHOTI Method

You must have heard of CBD oils as a substitute for pharmaceutical drugs. People in this millennial age are going for CBD related products because they are more effective when it comes to treating chronic ailments like muscle fatigue, anxiety and even migraines. They have also been proven to deal with anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, restlessness, and depression. CBD oils are simply known as cannabis oil that is extracted from the marijuana plant. Just like it is with other plant extracts, the chemicals that are present in cannabis oils all vary depending on how the extraction is done. Thousands of chemical compounds are present in the cannabis plant, but the most recognized of them all is the cannabinoids.

We also have many cannabinoids, but the most known two among most users are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the major psychoactive compound present in marijuana, and it is the compound that people wishing to get high search for. On the other hand, CBD does not give any psychoactive effect and is accepted by those who are not willing to get high. This characteristics of it make it appealing for those that seek to get relief from pains and other symptoms without having the psychoactive effect of using marijuana.

CBD oil is obtained when CBD is extracted from a cannabis plant and diluted with a carrier oil; like a hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It is gaining attention in the world of health and medicine, with many types of research done to help confirm that the CBD oil can be used to treat ailments like anxiety and chronic pain. For those willing to start taking CBD, they have many questions running through their mind. Some of which are; where to start from, and how to use the CBD oil. Some of the ways by which CBD oils can be consumed include; sublingual drops, ingestion, topical application, and inhalation. For those that find the taste of unflavored CBD oils unpleasant, they can now be consumed through the navel; welcome to the Pechoti method.

Pechoti method allows you to adsorb the oil into your body through the belly button. Right from the ancient times, people have been applying oils to the navel to get some health benefits. The belly button is just a scar caused by the umbilical cord after birth. What majority of people do not know is that right behind the navel you have about 70,000 veins all leading to different organs and other parts of the body where you would want the CBD oil delivered. That is called the Pechoti gland.

How does this Pechoti Method work?

The navel is capable of distributing some of the essential oils, fatty acids, and cannabinoids that are present in the CBD oil. All that is required of you is to put a bit of the CBD oil from your bottle into your belly button while either lying down or sitting, and you let the Pechoti gland do the rest. Our gut is said to have numerous cannabinoid receptors, so whenever you put CBD oil into your navel, it gets absorbed throughout the whole body. In Ayurveda medicine, this method of application is used in endocrinology, both with the use of cannabis and as well as other herbs.

Who is it for?

Just like it has been stated earlier, Pechoti application of CBD oil is used by those that find the taste of the oil unpleasant. Not only that, but they are also used by those that cannot ingest cannabis, and also a pregnant woman fighting early morning sickness. Anybody can apply CBD oil on their navel. Those with central nervous system disorders, gastrointestinal tract (GIT) issues, and endocrine system ailments and other chronic diseases can enjoy the benefits of using Pechoti method of application.

Why use Pechoti method?

Cannabinoids can get to every part of the body when you use the Pechoti method for applying the CBD oil. This is one thing every other application method cannot give. When you absorb CBD oil through this method, you have improved sight, relieve from joint pains, tackle GIT issues, and many more benefits. This alternative method of application allows every other plant compound to move around the whole body. Various ailments can be taken care of through the navel, and this fact alone is an amazing benefit. Imagine all you have to do to overcome stress is to just apply drops of CBD oil on your belly button, isn’t that amazing? Some even consider putting oil on the belly button before sleep as a norm. The veins detect the applied oil and carry it to the affected/needed parts of the body. Here are some health benefits of using CBD oil:

  1. Applying CBD oil through the navel relieves many stomach disorder and cramps.

  2. With the rate at which electronic devices are used, many are having issues with their sight. Using the Pechoti method is believed to help gradually improves sight.

  3. Using the Pechoti method is believed to help reduce chronic joint pains.

People use the Pechoti method when they have a problem ingesting the oil or they have a problem with the taste. Some don’t even use CBD oil through other methods because they believe they all have side effects. There is no side effect whatsoever attached to the application of CBD oil through the belly button. So whenever you notice start feeling any cramp, or you are stressed, or you are having these constant headaches, just lay down and apply CBD oil on your Pechoti gland.

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