About Us

Texas Based CBD Oil Company is Pioneer

You heard right!  We are so very proud to be the first true legitimate Texas based CBD Oil company.  When we started getting serious about the idea of starting this business it became clear we needed to make it easy for our online shoppers.  This meant launching the LLC, getting the dba, the checking account and the credit card processing solution all in line.

We discovered that none of the banks of credit card solutions want anything to do with the CBD business.  So, we pressed to find alternative solutions.  We found one single bank and one single credit card processor who would help us get out of the gate.

This means that all our County and State filings are in order and on record in our home state of Texas.  Whole CBD Choice is owned and operated by Clyfton Companies LLC, a 100% woman owned and operated Texas based business.

Who We Are

Over the past few years we watch, listened and waited for more news about the legalization of hemp.  Now, with The Farm Bill having passed in 2018, it is a reality.

This was very important because we already knew family members who were using CDB Oil and where singing its praises.

We are here to help people just like you to live better and more comfortable lives with the help of this miraculous product called CBD.

Nationwide shipping

Fast and Easy Priority Shipping to Anywhere in the continental US Means No Waiting.


Our CBD Oil is Made in the USA From the Best Crops by the Best Producers.

Secure Payments

Your Payment Online is Safe With Us Because of Our Secure Partners Relationships.

Who We Help

CBD Oil is all the rage right now and for good reason.  Its popularity as a natural alternative to prescription drugs is resonating with people of all ages.

Our loyal customers are supplementing with CBD oil and often share their stories of health and wellness.